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The Magic of Matthew Martin

Make Your Occasions Special

Matthew has been amazing audiences for 20 years using a combination of whit, charm, and expert sleight of hand. Performing for a small group doing close-up/ strolling magic to several hundred while on a platform or stage; he provides a number of opportunities to be amazed and enchanted by his magic: Whether you're hosting a corporate meeting, a special event, or a private party, Matthew considers a wide variety of factors to create a unique entertainment approach. 

As a Christian, you can always expect his shows to be family friendly; gospel performances are available for churches and VBS events, just ask!

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Next Level Entertainment


Private Parties 

Throughout the years I’ve been working hard to develop my own artistic voice and make sure I stand out in the entertainment scene. My Private Parties are guaranteed good time and can be modified for all ages and venues. I am available for daily performances, special events and festivals. Give me a call to learn more about my rates.


Corporate Events

I’m always a hit with my performances at corporate functions. Whether it be for team building or holiday parties, I customize all facets of my act depending on the audience and location; always managing to create an engaging and unforgettable interaction. Contact me to learn more about what I do best and what I can do for your next event.


Stage Shows

I was born to perform and let loose in front of an audience. I invite you to join me for a one-of-a-kind experience. I guarantee you and your guests will have an incredible time watching me perform no matter how many times you’ve seen me in the past. My goal is to produce unforgettable performances accessible to all audiences. Get in touch with me to learn about my availability and rates.

"Intelligent, gracious and always professional, Matthew is a winner in our book!"

Terry M., Fort Worth Science and History Museum

"What the eyes sees, the ear hears, and the mind believes."

Harry Houdini


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